Action Plans

These will be released as the weeks progress.

Week 3 & 4: Map Out Your Full Course Structure

The goal of this section is to define the structure of your course. This is where you will map out the full outline and details within your path BEFORE you create any assets, or select a platform.

Here are the worksheets for this section.

All on One Page Worksheet

Visual Worksheets

Example Worksheet


Week 5: Make Your Course Come to Life

The goal of this section is to build out your online course offer. 

The goal of this section is to create your online course brand. 

The goal of this section is to map out your learner’s journey. 

Worksheets for this section: 

Week 5 Workbook


Week 6 & 7: Launch & Sell Your Beta

This module will teach you how to test your offer and attract your ideal learners so you can get paid to teach your LIVE beta. 

Week 8: Design & Teach Your Live Beta

Build your beta course structure and materials. You will build your beta course, set-up the basic tech to host your course materials and teach your course.


Worksheets and resources for this section. 

Course Asset Tracker

Email Communication Sequences

Feedback Template

Testimonial Template

Student Feedback Tracking Form

Week 9: After The Beta

After the Beta allows you to reflect on the beta and consider the next best steps to take towards automating your online course business. 

Worksheets and resources for this section. 


Week 10 -12: Automate Your Online Course

Armed with your proof of concept course, it is time to automate your online course to leverage the power of your program. In this section, we will build out your program to sell and run it on autopilot. 

Worksheets for this section.

Additional tools and templates for this section. 

Automated Email Sequence